Dawson’s Heights: architecture with social conscience by Tom Oliver Payne

Architecture today is generally about making other people big bucks, but Dawson's Heights  reminds us of a time when architecture strived to create a better society through design. 

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The best of Oslo's new architecture by Tom Oliver Payne

When I stepped out at Oslo Central Station, I found myself surrounded by interesting new buildings of tonnes of shapes and sizes. With half the waterfront still under construction, it quickly became clear to me that Oslo is experiencing an architectural explosion. 

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Re-thinking Architecture in Manilla by Tom Oliver Payne

As much as I love a cool bit of design for the sake of design, I'm much more interested in design which innovates the way we live. Today, we are faced with major environmental challenges, and it's important that everything we create seeks to improve the world we live in - even if these ideas are super simple. 

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