Re-thinking Architecture in Manilla / by Tom Oliver Payne


As much as I love a cool bit of design for the sake of design, I'm much more interested in design which innovates the way we live. Today, we are faced with major environmental challenges, and it's important that everything we create seeks to improve the world we live in - even if these ideas are super simple. 

A bunch of schools in San Pablo City and Manilla in the Philippines are doing just that by deciding to build classrooms out of water bottles to address the problem of classroom shortages, while at the same time, recycle unwanted plastic.

Apparently the classrooms are strong enough to withstand the strongest of storms, can be built within weeks, and are much cooler than regular brick or concrete classrooms because of their natural ventilation.

This looks like a pretty awesome idea that has potential to spread far beyond the Philippines. If you hear about this happening elsewhere, be sure to let me know! 

Check this link for more.

Feature image Kristel Marie Fuentes Gonzales.