Photographing for Sydney's Neighbourhood Paper by Tom Oliver Payne

Before leaving Sydney I did a few photography shoots for Sydney’s new 'Neighbourhood Paper'. I was called out to take portraits of super interesting people, including a restaurant owner in Darlinghurst, the editor in chief of South East Asia’s Mekong Review, who is based in the Sydney suburbs of Leichhardt, and a beautiful young lady named Joanna Rix - an aspiring actor with Down's syndrome.

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I just rode down to Canary Wharf, London. It wasn't that bad. by Tom Oliver Payne

Canary Wharf is now one of the largest financial centres in the world. Following years of political debate and local opposition, the initial masterplan was approved in the early 1990s, and a series of development stages have followed, creating a total of 400,000 m2 floor space.

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When I Checked out Sihanoukville: A City In Transition by Tom Oliver Payne

On a trip down to Sihanoukville in Southern Cambodia in 2010 I was overwhelmed at just how fast the city seemed to be changing. In front of my eyes huge resorts were being built along the beach, new roads were bulldozing through forests in front of my eyes, and coffee shops and bars were booming.

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