SMH Article: What Sydney can learn from London's approach to brutalist architecture by Tom Oliver Payne

"Sirius, just like Trellick, Balfron and the Barbican in London, illustrates important aspects of the nation's social and cultural history."Last week I had an opinion piece published in the Sydney Morning Herald on brutalist architecture in Sydney and London. 

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Branded Kings Cross by Tom Oliver Payne

Hanging out in London’s Kings Cross's Granary Square recently, I was eating lunch away from the busy-ness of some of the city’s more hectic neighbourhoods. But I couldn’t help to notice that even in this more relaxed ‘public space’, I was bombarded with branding. I decided to I grab my camera and started shooting.

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Cycling from London to Paris by Tom Oliver Payne

My friend James and I decided that we were going to cycle to Paris... Wasting little time um-ming and ah-hing, we decided to plan for the fastest route (London-Newhaven-Dieppe-Forges-Les-Eaux-Pontiose-Paris) and a couple of weeks later we were off. Here's a quick run down with a few black and white snaps taken along the way.

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