How can we make ugly freeways more attractive? / by Tom Oliver Payne

Image: Dave Morris at Contemporist

Image: Dave Morris at Contemporist

Friend of mine Rashiq Fataar at Future Cape Town has written a really awesome article titled 'The Spaces Below' - all about how we can improve the spaces underneath freeways.

Largely inherited from the 'freeway rush' of the 50s and 60s, some of these large pieces of infrastructure are (unfortunately) here to stay - for a little while at least.

What are often dark, unwelcoming and unsafe places, many cities are realising that the underbelly of these freeway behemoths are in fact great opportunities for people to engage in public life. Rashiq takes us around the world to check out some of the most creative and beautiful freeway revitalisation projects. Check it here.

Photo by Dave Morris at Contemporist.