Chi Raq, Chicago / by Tom Oliver Payne


Since 2001 the death toll from violence in Chicago has more or less mirrored the number of losses experienced by the US Army in the Iraq war during the same period. 

This fascinating 14 minute mini-doc takes you to south and west Chicago, where locals speak of their experiences. Unscripted, raw footage from the streets creates an honest and powerful representation of local neighbourhoods.

The two quotes I've recorded below allude to changes that are occurring on the governmental scale. One word in particular says it all: "open market". Are America's neo-liberal policies causing it to destroy itself from the inside-out?

"Chicago was always a violent place, but as time's gone on, it's just got more and more violent cause the attitudes changed to everybody not giving a fuck. Nobody give a fuck and there ain't no leaders out there and no one's accountable for their actions. You can do what you want basically..."

"It ain't no love in the heart of this city man. It's just open seas, open-market  you know"

Director: Will Robson Scott