Photographing for #WeLiveHere2017 by Tom Oliver Payne

Over the last few weeks, I've been shooting documentary photos for the #WeLiveHere2017 campaign. Each day I've been visiting the neighbourhood of Waterloo in central Sydney to document the people who live there. I've been taking their portraits, as well as asking them a few questions about their connection with the neighbourhood. 

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A conversation with Jess Cook of Sydney's 107 Projects by Tom Oliver Payne

Jess Cook has been involved in a range of events and creative projects over the last 15 years. From running collaborative art exhibitions and managing large-scale festivals, her latest endeavour is arguably her most ambitious. As Managing Director of Sydney’s 107 Projects, she’s been integral in creating an impressive cultural space in central Sydney. I met with Jess to check out 107 and talk to her about creative spaces, more generally.  

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