Another year, another trip to Copenhagen by Tom Oliver Payne

Last week I managed to fit in another quick trip over to Copenhagen. There are a million reasons why I love this city so much, but mainly because it's not an aggressive, traffic heavy, overdeveloped city... People are friendly, bike riders are respected and encouraged, the architecture - old and new - is elegant, nightlife is fun, and the Baltic is clean (in the harbour ... amongst the ferries is fine).

There seems to be a simplicity, pragmatism and calmness that I haven't experienced in any other city. It's no wonder it's architects and urban designers are in demand in around the world.

This year my friend Mark and I rode our bikes up north and crossed over into Sweden for a couple of days. Awesome little trip and as always - can't wait to get back.

A few holiday snaps below. :-) 


Launch of a Copenhagen street with Mikael Colville-Andersen by Tom Oliver Payne


I met with urban design legend Mikael Colville-Andersen in 2015 at the launch of a new street in Copenhagen. Here is what he had to say about Istedgade in the neighbourhood of Vesterbro.


Why Copenhagen is such an incredible city by Tom Oliver Payne

Everyone knows that Copenhagen is the happiest city in the world, but not so many people appreciate just how interesting it is. As a regular visitor I've listed out my top reasons why Copenhagen is the world's coolest city.

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Mikael Colville-Andersen: the modern day Jane Jacobs by Tom Oliver Payne

Jane Jacobs reminded us of the city's most important element and inspired a generation of urbanists. Through a single photograph, Colville-Andersen has sparked a new movement that is helping to solve the greatest urban challenge of our time.

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Why bike helmets shouldn't be compulsory by Tom Oliver Payne

Decades of car dominance have made our streets congested, polluted and ugly. While some cities are now quickly embracing the bike, others have been slow. Helmet campaigns and legislation have been major obstructions to change. To get people moving on two wheels we must finally abandon our 'culture of fear'.

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